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  • Melie B - I can't find a job I love

    It’s time for More Flow, More Ease, More Impact

    Guiding you to create a work-life by design, not default. Unearth your dreams and find the courage to follow them.

Activate the Sparkle Within You & Your Work.

What if…

You could unlock your true potential by aligning with what you REALLY want.

By embracing the magic of your true, unique self, finally arriving…  to feel happy, fulfilled and purposeful in your work and life.

It’s time to peel back the layers and let your true essence shine.

Hi, I’m Melie.

Multi-passionate creative, marketer, career happiness strategist, headhunter & podcast lover.

For two decades, I’ve worked with some of the most pioneering brands – Red Bull, Breitling, Diageo to name a few.

I loved developing brands.

And then I discovered what I love even more – developing people.

I enjoyed helping people discover their unique strengths and gifts so that they would find more fulfillment and joy in their work.

Now I created what I call PEOPLE MARKETING. Here I help creatives market themselves better online or help them land their dream job.


Forward Virtual, Melanie

Let”s be honest

Life is too short to stay
in a job you don’t love.

When to work with me

You’re ready for change

If you find yourself at a crossroads, searching for MORE meaning in your work-life.

When you are READY to strategize and develop a vision for what you REALLY WANT.

I help creatives and leaders pursuit a fuller, more meaningful, more aligned work-life. Imagine jumping out of bed every morning with excitement, fueled by the things that truly light you up. That’s what we’re aiming for, and I’m here to guide you through every step of the way.

What it’s like to work with me

I help you see yourself

We’ll explore, learn, design together. I provide no nonsense, practical solutions and new perspectives.

My role: I will be your co-pilot, partner, advisor, cheerleader, coach, listener, challenger, implementation wizard & truth teller.

I help you see and recognize your strengthsI help you uncover what makes you tick, what you’re crazy passionate about, to then turn that into a fulfilling career strategy. I help you re-design your work-life in a way that is aligned with how you really want to live your life.

What’s the end game?

Your dream work-life

When people come to me, they usually lack orientation in their work-life and an understanding of their strengths, talents and options.

When they leave, they have been able to CONNECT with themselves, get CLEAR on their strengths, their goals and where they belong. And most importantly – they have gained the COURAGE to follow their path. 

If you are someone who needs help implementing and making things happen, you are leaving with a roadmap, a new job or products that we create together for your business.

It all starts by “choosing yourself”.

Melanie is one of the very best communicators I have encountered, and has almost single-handedly lifted the profiles in Australia of Breitling and Maurice Lacroix. All this in a matter of months. She is one of those rare marketing managers who prove just how effective this role can be in building and maintaining brands in the public eye.

The blog

On a mission to infuse heart and courage into every step of your career journey to inspire you to design a work-life you LOVE.

Melie and the team at FORWARD VT. help people when they feel stuck and unfulfilled by unlocking their full potential and helping them market themselves better online and in the job market to design a joyful and purposeful work-life that makes them jump out of bed each day