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Hey, I’m Melie.

Welcome to my space.

Here I guide women to create a work-life by design, not default. Your job is not a to-do item. It needs fulfillment. 

I am here to help you unearth your dreams and find the courage to follow them.

For over two decades,  I’ve worked with some of the most pioneering companies on the planet – Red Bull, Breitling, Diageo to name a few – and gained incredible experience on how to build brands and make ideas succeed in the world.

Born and raised in East-Germany, I now live between Palma and Leipzig. After close to 15 years in Australia and a few years in Switzerland.

I believe we are here to make our dreams a reality, so I tried many different things besides my corporate jobs: like being a full-time blogger, web designer, beauty PR expert and shoe designer to name a few.

For as long as I can remember people kept saying to me, “Melie, when are you finally going to stick to something?” So naturally I thought I should pick just one thing. Wrong. Not everyone fits into a box. Certainly not me.

Eventually I realized that it’s exactly that wonderful combination of creative and exciting new projects that make me feel alive.

So this is my new chapter.

Forward Virtual, Melanie
I believe self-leadership is a skill.
The more you nurture it, the better you get at it.

A little bit more about me


My personal values

I have learnt to trust my intuition, my inner voice, to guide my decisions. Self-determination: I relentlessly pursue my dreams. A free-spirited adventurer at heart, I place high value on freedom, authenticity and growth and having fun whilst exploring and creating life. All while letting empathy being my guiding light.


I love to work with

I enjoy collaborating with ambitious, creative and growth-focussed individuals who want to make a positive impact in this world.


I love personality tests

Myer-Briggs: As an ISFP-A I love to explore and use my imagination, creativity and insight to craft bold ideas that speak to people’s hearts. I easily relate to others’ emotions and believe in “live and let live” – even when it’s hard. I can be tenacious when it comes to things that I feel passionate about and believe in. As part-time adrenaline junkie I live by the motto ”A ship is safe in harbor, but that’s not what ships are for.’ As a parent I encourage my girl to be her true and authentic self. 

As the Magician archetype I thrive on transformation that positively impacts people’s lives. I love empowering and inspiring individuals to unlock their inner potential, helping them stand out from the crowd.

My Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment revealed that I possess the strengths of a maximizer, activator, futuristic thinker, with elements of relator and strategic thinking.”

As a Manifesting Generator 5/1 in Human Design I  have great capacity to move with speed across a multitude of projects, acting as a force of change, inspiring you to see new possibilities and helping you explore new territory.


Random thoughts..

Better to ask for forgiveness than permission.
Where ever you go, go with all your heart.
I am flexible but don’t like rigid structures or monotony.