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Why I Can’t Find A Job I Love

In this post, you’ll learn: What I did to find a job I love

Having spent most of my career working in marketing, there came a point 5 years ago where it didn’t give me the same excitement anymore. I felt stuck. It seemed like finding a fulfilling job at the time was a big puzzle I couldn’t solve. But luckily – my story changed, and I want to share how.

Ever thought? “I Can’t Find a Job I Love”

Ever felt like your job is missing something? I sure did. My mind kept buzzing, “I can’t find a job I love,” and it felt like everyone else had it figured out. Everyone else was working in the same kind of career for a long time. Everyone else had climbed the career ladder. At this point they were Directors, VPs, CMOs. It was frustrating and like I just couldn’t “compete”. But who was I competing with? What was I competing with? Was it the title? That my friends seemed to have figured it out? That they had families and houses they were paying off? Or that they did not seem as unfulfilled as I did?

Melie B - I can't find a job I love

My Secret Map: What Colour is Your Parachute

One day I stumbled upon a book called “What Color is Your Parachute?” It instantly was like finding an advisor that was whispering, “Hey, I can help you figure things out.”

This workbook wasn’t just a regular book; it was a real companion on my discovery journey. It took me on an adventure through all my past jobs and work experiences, analyzing each one in depth. Instead of confusing jargon and theoretical coaching talk, it spoke directly to my heart. So I started asking questions, remembering details. Filled with exercises that felt – truth be told – like hard work at the time. But I was committed to finding answers

“What Color is Your Parachute?” became my career guide, helping me understand my strengths, passions, and what truly mattered to me. It wasn’t just about finding any job; it was about finding a job that felt like a perfect fit. This workbook was my compass, leading me to the hidden gems within myself. Through its guidance, I not only discovered my skills and preferences but also learned how to navigate the vast landscape of opportunities. It was a turning point in my journey. Now I had been able to really connect with myself and gain clarity what I wanted and needed to feel fulfilled.

Needless to say that afterwards I found one of my most loved jobs in my career (and I need to state, I had quite a few career happiness moments 🙂

What Colour is your Parachute Career Advisor Book

Making Dream Jobs Come True: Manifestation

In the context of manifesting your dream job, Louise Hay emphasizes the transformative power of self-affirmations. She once remarked, “Every thought we think is creating our future.” This statement encapsulates the essence of manifesting your dream job – recognizing the direct influence of your thoughts on the reality you are shaping.

Louise Hay encourages us to not just daydream about our ideal career but to actively cultivate positive thoughts and affirmations that align with our professional aspirations. By consistently affirming our worthiness, capabilities, and the possibility of fulfilling work, we set the stage for the manifestation of our dream job.

In the realm of career manifestation, Louise Hay teaches us that our thoughts are like seeds planted in  our minds. It”s about nurturing positive thoughts that align with our vision of a dream job. And not just that, remember that taking active steps making that dream a reality, is equally as important. So start taking the course for the career path you’d like to take, write to the people that you’d like to learn from – and create the vision in your mind, along with the belief that this is where you belong. And you’ll see, magic happens.

Embracing Change: My Fearless Adventure

Taking a cue from my hero Simon Sinek, I decided to be brave. Instead of simply saying, “I can’t find a job I love,” I embraced change. I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored new job paths. It’s like going on an adventure – scary but exciting.

One of Sinek’s notable principles is the “Golden Circle,” which includes the idea that successful leaders and organizations start with “why” – their purpose. Applying this principle to career changes, he encourages individuals to align their career choices with a deeper sense of purpose and passion, motivating them to take bold steps and pivot when necessary.

Accept the Stuck Zone

Mel Robbins addresses the feeling of being stuck in various aspects of her life. One of her key insights is that feeling stuck can be reframed as an opportunity for growth and change. Instead of viewing it negatively (like I certainly did when it happened to me), she suggests embracing the feeling as a signal that change is needed, and it can serve as a catalyst for positive transformation.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, remember – it’s okay to say it out loud. It’s okay to feel confused and unfulfilled. Embrace it and be grateful for another step in your self-discovery journey : )

If you are happy working and exploring on your own, you may want to give my book a little go. If you need more help or don’t know where to start you may want to get help by a career advisor or mentor that guides you through the steps to discovering and designing your dream work-life.

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