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I work with mentors across these areas:

Self leadership

Key Questions:
Who am I? 
What do I want?
Where do I want to go?
What next?

Holistic Health

Key Questions:
How can I improve my overall wellbeing?
What can I do to help my body heal itself?
Is there something like body & mind wisdom?
How can I use hypnosis to feel better?

Relationships & Love

Key Questions:
How can I improve my relationship?
Is she or he the right partner for me?
How can I create a fulfilling long-term relationship?

High sensitivity

Key Questions:
Being highly sensitive – what does that mean?
How can I be successful as a HSP?
How can I stop overthinking?
How can I set boundaries?
How do I stop putting others needs before mine?

Spiritual Life Coaching

Key Questions:
Feeling stuck?
How do I overcome my limiting beliefs?
How can I love my body more?
How do I deal with my childhood wounds?