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waking up each day inspired, with the biggest smile on your face. Knowing you’re finally on the journey to your dream job. Work that not only connects your soul with purpose but fills your heart with immense joy.

One thing I learnt – you won’t stumble upon your sense of purpose somewhere. You’ve actually got to roll up your sleeves and create it yourself.

Together we’ll explore what makes you jump out of bed in the morning, create a vision of the future that you’re passionate about, and a roadmap how to get there.

So what you need now is someone to cheer you on from the sidelines. Someone who takes you on a deep dive into your talents, strengths and where your joy lies professionally.

You’re not alone. I’ve been there. I explored how to find meaning and fulfillment in my work many times. And I have pivoted or reinvented myself many times in my career. Each time leading to a better more rewarding place.

And so can you.

Deep dive into talents, strengths and where your joy lies

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1:1 Career Consulting

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Hire me to find a job

Step by Step Process

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1:1 Find Your Spark

This is a 3-Months Program

We’ll explore what makes you truly excited. We’ll analyze your challenges, plot out a game plan, and guide you step by step until you hit those goals. This includes exploration sessions, (re)designing your CV, what work lifestyle fits you best, and crafting the perfect motivational letters.

When it comes to finding direction and clarity in your work life we use Human Design. It helps us to explore your “power house” tools, unique gifts and strengths that give insight into your natural areas of giftedness and how they might play out in your work-life.

This 1:1 consult includes 3 x 1:1 calls (75mins) which can be used at any point within 3 months.

I guide you through a series of questions and excercises and materials so that we understand what makes you spark.

Price of the full 3 months consultation: € 950.-

(payable in full or 3 monthly rates)

1:1 Hire me to find a job

This is an 12 Weeks Program. 

This package include 3 private calls (60 mins) to discuss your ideas and what you want to achieve. We set realistic goals and plot out a game plane. You provide me with your work history, CVs, cover letters etc. and the aim is to get you interviews for jobs. On average it takes us 12 weeks to find you a job.

This work is done by me for you.

*Your personal cover letter(s) and re-designed CV

*Work sheet with Jobs you are applying for

*The application process is done by forward virtual as your virtual assistant and personal recruiter – we inform you of your process during the application process

*A minimum of 10 job applications

The initiation fee to kick off the project: € 249.- plus VAT

The minimum invest for full time roles is 750.- (payable in 3 monthly rates each 250€/month)

For freelance projects a success fee is payable of 99€ per day for the length of the project instead.

For full details visit our Karriereservice für Frauen

So, why should you work with me?

Time and time again I have been told I have a special ability to seeing and feeling what others can’t. I am a multipassionate, highly intuitive person, and I have explored MANY career areas (not all you will find on my LinkedIn profile).

I am a master strategizer and maximizer. I know what it’s like to start from zero in a new country, pivoting and transforming a career. I have done all that as a single mum. Across 4 countries.

Together we’ll uncover what makes you tick, what you’re crazy passionate about, and then turn that into an exciting career strategy.

We’re not just talking about the same old, same old here—

I’m talking about crafting a work-life combo that you absolutely LOVE.

PS. I get you results.

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Career Strategy for women

Ready to find your Spark?